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Income taxes, property taxes, sales and use taxes, and liquor by the drink excise taxes. These are just a few of the tax types administered by the South Carolina Department of Revenue. And let’s not forget the local property taxes that each individual county oversees.

With six years of prior experience at the South Carolina Department of Revenue, Ms. Acquaviva welcomes the opportunity to assist you in your dispute with the SCDOR. From assisting during an audit to protesting a Proposed Assessment to litigating at the Administrative Law Court or SC Appellate Courts, Ms. Acquaviva is ready to advise you and advocate for your best interests!

Our Firm Handles:

Sales and Use Tax

Individual Income Tax

Liquor by the Drink Excise Tax

Admissions Tax

Property Tax

Did you know that just because you think you are in the business of providing a service does not change the fact that the law deems you a retailer and, thus, subject to South Carolina sales and use tax?

Did you know that you might have to accrue and remit use tax on your purchases from out-of-state vendors?

Ms. Acquaviva can help you determine whether you need a retail license, whether your business or certain purchases are exempt from sales and use tax or property tax, and generally whether you are in compliance with South Carolina’s sales and use tax laws.  Ms. Acquaviva has handled cases involving brick-and-mortar retail stores, online retail stores, restaurants, manufacturers, contractors/builders, and “service” providers.  Schedule a consultation and see how we can help!

Viva Law Firm® Handles Issues Involving:

An audit

Making a refund claim

Applying for an exemption

Seeking a penalty waiver

Negotiating a settlement

A hearing before the County

A contested case hearing before the Administrative Law Court

Appealing a final decision to South Carolina’s Appellate Courts

The Firm can assist you with:

Unsubstantiated deductions

Tuition tax credits

Late claim for refund

Estimated assessments due to lack of records

Residency or domicile

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At Viva Law Firm® , our practice is firmly grounded in a set of core values that define our commitment to our clients and work.


Lauren Acquaviva, Attorney

“I am a lawyer who runs a client-centered practice. Whether my client is an individual, a small business, or a large business, I tailor my representation to best fit the needs of that specific client. Every client’s issue is unique, and I pride myself on helping my clients resolve all their issues as civilly and efficiently as possible. I look forward to helping you navigate the legal system.”