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Alcohol Beverage Licensing


South Carolina alcohol beverage licensing (“ABL”) laws and regulations can be very confusing. Often, different laws must be read together in order to truly understand the licensure requirements.

Do you know who all your principals are? Have you met all the restaurant or nonprofit requirements? Would you be best suited as a brewpub or brewery? Are you facing the suspension or revocation of your alcohol license?

With six years of prior ABL experience at the South Carolina Department of Revenue, Ms. Acquaviva is ready to assist you in navigating South Carolina's ABL laws. From obtaining a retailer’s, wholesaler’s, or manufacturer’s permit/license to defending a violation of the alcohol laws, Viva Law Firm® is here to help!

The Firm Handles:

Assistance with the SCDOR Application Process

On-Premises Beer and Wine Permits (including 7-Day Permits)

Off-Premises Beer and Wine Permits (including 7-Day Permits)

Liquor by the Drink Licenses (Restaurant, Nonprofit, Hotel)

Local Option Permits

Sunday Sales Licenses

Retail Liquor Store Licenses

Brewpub Permits

Brewery Permits

Winery Permits and Wine Shipper's Licenses

Micro-distillery Licenses

Liquor Producer Permits

Beer, Wine, or Liquor Wholesaler Permits

Out-of-State Manufacturer’s Licenses

Special Event Licenses

Assistance with the TTB Application Process for:

Brewery Permits

Winery Permits

Distillery Permits

Beer, Wine, or Liquor Wholesaler Permits

Class B Wholesaler Permits

Ancillary Matters Related to Alcohol Licensing, such as:

Business Formation

Retail License Application

Business License Application

Lease Negotiation

Reviewing Business Plans for Compliance

Defense of SC Alcohol Law Violations, such as:

Poor Moral Character

Retailer to Retailer Sale/Transfer

Bad Check Violations

Discount Pricing or Happy Hour Violations

Unlawful Sale or Possession of Alcoholic Liquor

Permitting a Lewd Act

Sign Violations

Possession of 1.75L Bottles

Keeping or Selling Nonalcoholic Merchandise

Suitability Violations

Three-Tier Violations

Permit/License Suspension or Revocation

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