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Viva Law Firm® assists clients with Alcohol Licensing Matters, State and Local Tax Controversies, and Amicable Family Law Matters.


Welcome to Viva Law Firm, a comprehensive legal practice where our dedicated team, led by founder Lauren Acquaviva, adeptly navigates three distinct practice areas. In the realm of alcohol licensing and state/local tax controversies, Lauren's extensive experience as counsel for litigation at the South Carolina Department of Revenue forms the foundation of our nuanced approach. With a successful track record, including over 100 cases tried at the Administrative Law Court and three appeals, one reaching the SC Supreme Court, our team ensures a robust understanding of the alcohol laws as well as sales tax and property tax matters. And with Lauren’s love for fitting interesting business models into the alcohol laws, Viva Law Firm would love to help you make your creative a dream a reality.

Simultaneously, our commitment to amicable divorce sets Viva Law Firm apart. Lauren's unique journey, rooted in a passion for social work and advocacy for families and children, defines our approach to family law. From a degree in social work, minors in sociology and gender studies, to a focus on Guardian ad Litem work in child abuse and custody cases, Lauren's trajectory ensures a compassionate and informed perspective. Our belief in the well-being of children drives our dedication to amicable divorces, emphasizing collaboration and tailored solutions to guide clients through significant life transitions.

At Viva Law Firm, we seamlessly integrate our proficiency in alcohol licensing, tax controversies, and amicable divorce to provide a comprehensive legal service that addresses diverse client needs. Welcome to a space where our dedication to knowledge and compassionate advocacy converge for a smoother path forward in your legal journey.


With six years of prior ABL experience at the South Carolina Department of Revenue, Ms. Acquaviva is ready to assist you in navigating South Carolina's ABL laws. From obtaining a retailer’s, wholesaler’s, or manufacturer’s permit/license to defending a violation of the alcohol laws, Viva Law Firm® is here to help!


With six years of prior experience at the South Carolina Department of Revenue, Ms. Acquaviva welcomes the opportunity to assist you in your dispute with the SCDOR. From assisting during an audit to protesting a Proposed Assessment to litigating at the Administrative Law Court or SC Appellate Courts, Ms. Acquaviva is ready to advise you and advocate for your best interests!

Amicable Family Law

A day in family court is always filled with emotions.  Whether you are feeling excitement and anticipation leading up to an adoption, anger and sadness during a divorce or custody battle, or fear and confusion during a DSS investigation, Lauren will use her social work background and legal experience to ease your emotions as much as possible.

Committed to you

At Viva Law Firm® , our practice is firmly grounded in a set of core values that define our commitment to our clients and work.


Lauren Acquaviva, Attorney

“I am a lawyer who runs a client-centered practice. Whether my client is an individual, a small business, or a large business, I tailor my representation to best fit the needs of that specific client. Every client’s issue is unique, and I pride myself on helping my clients resolve all their issues as civilly and efficiently as possible. I look forward to helping you navigate the legal system.”